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New kiwi invention making fishing a breeze

A new dimension to fishing has been invented, meaning long-lining just got even easier thanks to a talented kiwi entrepreneur, Kyle Parshotam and his team who have created the Aerokontiki. The autopilot drone is specifically made for fishing which combines highly technical software and using the latest durable Hi-Tech drone engineering designed for taking a long-line out to sea.

  • Strong carbon fibre frame

  • Customised canopy

  • After sales service in NZ

  • 100% NZ owned and manufactured

  • Powers through STRONG winds

  • 4kg lifting capacity

  • Fish hauled in with Electric Game Reel


The drone is used to deliver and haul a 16 to 25 hook baited long line up to 1000 meters out to sea, or as far as the eye can see on a clear good day, after delivering the baits, it uses a sophisticated autopilot system that returns to its takeoff location. 

Retrieving is easy

Instead of using a 36kg winch to haul in your catch you have a 2.5kg electric game reel powered by a lithium battery strapped to the rod so you can move along the beach freely. The intuitive battery management system monitors battery charge meaning that if it reaches a critical level that would put it at risk of not having enough charge to return back, it will take over-controls from the user, then drop the fishing line and return back to base automatically.

Originally a project engineer for large manufacturing companies, Parshotam discovered there was a gap in the market for drones specifically designed for fishing. 

“The drone was first put on the market in March 2014 and now has hundreds of users across the country,” said Kyle.  “The aim of the project was simple. Deploy from almost any beach, get the line out as far and as fast as possible, precisely target successful known locations, and catch as much as you need. The next time, do it exactly the same way again, or alternatively, modify the bait drop to suit conditions,” he said. 


Aucklander Les Viskovich said he used the AK model for his long lining at Auckland’s west coast beach, Muriwai.

“The catches are significantly higher  because I have more hooks in the fish zone for longer than any other system. This is particularly so when fishing in big rips as I do quite often on Muriwai beach. With the AK in a 3 hour period I can do three sets with the hooks in the zone for 40 minutes per set (totalling 120 mins) whereas with the torpedo I would be lucky to do 2 sets with hooks in the zone for about 20 mins per set (totalling 40 mins) before the line gets washed up on the beach. Also, the AK is a lot more fun. I have probably done 30 or 40 sets so far and even now I get as big a thrill seeing the line being taken out as I did the first time i used it,” said Les. 

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