Launching Trace Board

Launching Trace Board

Description: The Launching Trace Board has been developed specifically to work with the AeroKontiki fishing drone. It is made of tough mahogany timber, and is carefully designed to allow 16 traces to be lifted effortlessly from the ground into the air by the AeroKontiki. Two rust-resistant grounding pegs secure the frame to the sand or ground. 16 traces are set on a 30 m crimped back bone/leader line (150 lb monofilament). With the crimps spaced 1 m apart, your baited hooks will be well-positioned to greatly improve your chances of catching plenty of fish! Advantages of this trace board include allowing you to keep your main leader line and baited hooks away from sea gulls and pets, as well as keeping your leader line and traces neatly without tangling or having to use DIY methods to carry and manage them. Materials used have been carefully chosen to withstand wet and salty conditions. Traces are made from the very best quality components available.


In the Box:  1 x Trace board frame with 16 traces and 2 grounding pegs.



  • Frame Size with traces on: 65 mm × 430 mm × 380 mm
  • Traces
  • Nylon: 65 lb Red (invisible red pigment) Pro Fockka Co-Polymer.
  • Hooks: Norwegian Mustad 18R High Carbon Longline Hooks
  • Clips: Sea Harvester Type S/S Longline Clips, 250 kg Breaking Strain.
  • Crimps: The Clip End is Crimped with a 0.8 mm Aluminium Crimp
  • Beads: Floating 15 mm Plastic Hi Viz Beads
  • Snooding (knots) Only the Hook End is Tied, & it is Snood wrapped 12 Times
  • Length is 440 mm (including hooks)
  • Ground Pegs

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