Hi, I’m Kyle Parshotam, lead developer of the AeroKontiki fishing drone.

For many years my family and I have enjoyed cooking and eating fresh fish. However, on so many occasions when buying fish, we’ve cooked it using the ideal recipe, only to be disappointed to find the fish was less than fresh. Basically, the only way of being sure a fish is fresh is to catch it yourself, so the question was obvious. What is the most efficient and effective way of catching enough fish for a family meal? Also, how can this be made more interesting, and involve the whole family?

The aim of this project was simple. Deploy from almost any beach, get the line out as far and as fast as possible, precisely target successful known locations, and catch only as much as you need. The next time, do it exactly the same way again, or alternatively, modify the bait drop to suit conditions on the day.

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The approach was clear. Talk to fishing experts, learn what was required, and use the most advanced, most reliable technologies to build the best fishing machines available. Think outside the box, and hey, even make it fly if it helped… and so we did. In March 2014, the world’s first AeroKontiki fishing drone was born.

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