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Training Sessions
  • Training Sessions

    Description: We want our customers to use the AeroKontiki safely, confidently, and with the best user experience—this is why we offer comprehensive training to meet these needs. The package includes an instruction manual as well as access to online videos. Additional training can be provided by our authorised agents in New Zealand, who can provide ongoing after-sales support as required. For overseas users, we can conduct several Skype sessions to ensure all important aspects are covered so to ensure you are properly instructed. Remote training is also possible for our customers through the use of hands-free headphones. This allows our customers to freely use both hands to operate the AeroKontiki, while receiving step-by-step instructions, and providing visual feedback.


    In the Box:  User Manual and access to training videos


    The training covers the following topics:-

    • Safety first
    • Aviation rules
    • AeroKontiki Fishing Drone setup
    • Basic flying
    • Fishing missions
    • Traceboard leader line setup
    • Battery charge and discharge
    • Maintenance and care of all items in the operational kit and Fishing Drone system

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