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Rapid Bait Launcher
  • Rapid Bait Launcher

    The Rapid Bait Launcher has been developed specifically to work with the AeroKontiki fishing drone. It's made to allow 16 traces to be pulled off by the AeroKontiki moving forward in "Tractor Mode", and resets quickly by rewinding the trace hooks. Chilled pre-baited cartridges are attached when needed and immediately deployed out to sea.

    A stainless-steel ground spike secures the rapid bait launcher to the ground, with an adjustable drag adjustment for the spinning baited cartridge.16 traces are set on a 30 m crimped backbone/leader line (220 lb monofilament). With the crimps spaced 2 m apart, your baited hooks will be well-positioned to improve your chances of catching plenty of fish. Advantages of the Rapid Bait Launcher are to keep your main leader line and baited hooks away from seagulls and pets, as well as keeping your leader line and traces neatly without tangling.

    Materials used have been carefully chosen to withstand wet and salty conditions and can be conveniently washed after use. Trace hooks are made from the best quality components available.


    In the Box: 1 x RapidBait Launcher with 16 traces and stainless-Steel Beach Spike.



    • Cartridge size: 300 mm diameter × 45 mm thickness
    • Traces
    • Nylon: 65 lb Red (invisible red pigment) Pro Fockka Co-Polymer.
    • Hooks: Norwegian Mustad 18R High Carbon Longline Hooks
    • Snooding (knots) Only the Hook End is Tied, & it is Snood wrapped 12 Times
    • Crimps: The Clip End is Crimped with a 0.8 mm Aluminium Crimp
    • Beads: Floating 15 mm Plastic Hi Viz Beads
    • Length is 250mm (including hooks)
    • Leader
    • Stainless Steel 1.5mm 7x7 Flex wire
    • Sleeved Crane swivals
    • Crimps: 1.8mm Aluminium crimps are used for the end loops and sinker stoppers

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