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The Smart Winch

The Ultimate Aerokontiki Fishing Companion


engineered for excellence

Effortlessly retrieve lines up to 1,000 meters with our Auto Tractor Mode (ATM).

Haul massive catches with a whopping 38kg pulling power – strong enough for even the biggest fish and heavy anchors.

Say goodbye to tangled lines! The level winder ensures your hook section stays neatly spooled during retrieval.

Innovation at Your Fingertips

Smart Spooling: Flared drum prevents overruns and line lashing, keeping your gear safe.

Intelligent Distance Tracking: The OLED display shows line payout and battery status for complete control.

Effortless Line Retrieval: Choose your ideal speed – slow and steady or quick and efficient.

Never Miss a Bite: Audible warnings alert you when your line nears retrieval completion.


Light, Compact, and Powerful

Weighing just over 6kg, the AK Smart Winch is easy to mount and transport.
Its compact design fits perfectly onto your utility vehicle, keeping your setup streamlined.

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Upgrade Your Aerokontiki Experience

The AK Smart Winch surpasses expectations, offering unmatched features at a fraction of the cost of comparable rod and reel setups. Don't settle for overpriced, underpowered solutions. Choose the AK Smart Winch and experience Aerokontiki fishing like never before.

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